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Best Rated Subscription Hotspot Services

One alternative to expensive mobile broadband plans is a subscription hotspot. These are Wi-Fi networks that exist all around the country, but which you must pay to use. You can find these at many outlets, such as coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even laundromats. They can provide you with a fast internet connection at a fraction of the price of mobile broadband providers.

Here we have listed some of the more popular Wi-Fi subscription services in the US, along with their rating, from 5 stars (excellent) to 1 star (poor). The information in the reviews should help you determine whether a hotspot is right for you, and which service fits your needs the best.

4.5 stars

Boingo Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspots
Boingo Wireless offer a different kind of Wi-Fi service that allows you you connect to an extensive network of Wi-Fi providers worldwide. Powered by their easy to use software Boingo provides a one click solution for connecting to over 100,000 hotspots globally.

4.0 stars

AT&T Wi-Fi Connect Hotspots
AT&T offers competitive pricing on its monthly Wi-Fi hotspot subscription packages. With a large network across the United States and with many partners around the globe this makes it a good choice for the traveler that needs to stay connected.

1.0 star

T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi Hotspots>
T-Mobile is a major mobile phone player worldwide and currently operates the fourth largest network in the United States. Along with the wireless services they offer, T-Mobile also has plans available that take advantage of their network of Wi-Fi Hotspots. Find out about the T-Mobile HotSpot service and it’s pricing and availability.