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If you’re in the market for wireless internet access via services like mobile broadband and subscription Wi-Fi, it is important that you do not buy any modem or sign up for any plan until you’ve read our reviews on the service providers you have in mind or use our Internet service deal finder below:

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We offer you up to date information about the most popular Wireless Internet providers…

  • who they are
  • how their plans work
  • what their wireless internet plans include
  • pricing options
  • how fast their speeds are
  • our rating on the provider
  • and much more

Our goal is to make sure you’re informed about your potential new wireless internet service provider, know the pros and cons of their service plans and are able to identify which provider will be the best option for you based on your specific hardware and service needs for internet access on the go.

Make informed decisions when choosing a service provider

In addition to offering you break downs of each specific wireless internet access provider, we also offer you general information about wireless internet, including mobile broadband, WiMax and Wi-Fi service – as well as PC Card and USB Key modems.

We help you learn the basics of wireless internet services, as well as give you information about specific technologies like WiMax and 3G networks. We also explain the difference between mobile broadband services and hotspot services and how to figure out which type of service is best for your personal mobile internet access needs.

We are committed to keeping our information about the wireless internet industry as up to date as possible and will be adding to our consumer library at regular intervals in an effort to help you find the best service plan for your needs.

In addition to the learning center, we also update our mobile broadband reviews and hotspot reviews regularly, as well as provide coverage of the wireless internet industry through our blog, which is updated on a daily basis. Because the technology is new, we’ve also provided an overview of many different types of modems (both PC card modems and USB key modems) you can use with your wireless internet service, depending on the provider.

If you have suggestions for wireless internet topics you’d like to see covered on the site, please feel free to contact us and let us know about them.

We also welcome general comments and questions about the topic – if you are asking them, you can be assured others have been curious about the topics as well. We will attempt to answer all questions sent in by site visitors on the site whenever possible.

Find a wireless internet provider and find a great deal

While we do not “sell” mobile broadband, modems or Wi-Fi or WiMax services, we figure if you’re interested in wireless internet reviews, you’re probably looking to purchase a modem and plan.

In an effort to be not only the top, but also a one stop resource for people looking for information about mobile wireless, we have provided you with links to online merchants who, after our research, we felt offered you the best deals on the modems or plans listed on the site – with the most reliable customer service.

We know there are numerous reasons people consider utilizing wireless internet service. Some consumers simply like the freedom of being able to surf the net from the road, from a beach or from anywhere they please – while others are interested in mobile broadband services because they have work related reasons it’s necessary.

Whatever your reason, we hope you’ll find the information and facts about the various types of wireless internet available here at Wireless Internet Reviews to make your decision one you’ll be pleased with for a long time to come.